Sabtu, 01 Maret 2014

A Piece of Memories at Morocco

I still remember …
The way when my first step touched in Marrakech
The way I got in the taxi
The way I turned on the stove
The way I played laptop under blanket because of so cold out there
The way I used “swallow” sandals whether it was cold
The way I used my first coat in my life
The way I deal with seller in Morocco
The way I communicated with foreigner
The way I ate tajine, couscous and morocco tea
The way I ate olive, so weird but I miss that L
The way I cried when I prayed for first time at Morocco, I felt so close with Allah
The way I drunk red wine first time at Sahara desert
The way I played card with Ghita, Aimad and Khaoula
The way I talked to Salma about movie at Saturday Night
The way my Hongkong, China, Austria girls smiled to me
The way AIESECer Menara sing and dance
The way I walked around in Sailane Doudiat
The way  the owner home talked to me although I didn’t understand
The way I saw Yan closed the door for last time when she went to Sahara
The way my last hug with Khaoula and Aimad
The way my last hug with Charlie and Fi
It’s memorable until the last breathing. I prefer say see you than good bye because good bye hurting me actually… thanks

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