Senin, 08 Agustus 2016

A New Magic Wand in Modernization

Money, money, money

A new magic "wand". It's more valuable than fairy's. Everyone says you can do everything with money. Everyone says it makes you feel prestigious. Everyone says it makes you more beautiful. Everyone said it could bring you happiness by buying Channel, MAC or Sephora.

Everyone tries making some money. Whatever how we make some money, they don't care.

Everyone says, we extremely need it, everyday. That's why, our parents wish to us enter to reputable university like UI, ITB and UGM. Everyone says it's easy to get a job if we're one of that Univ's students. For what? For getting money.

In contrast, as I know, I am hegemonized by society (or system?). Yes I know, money talks everything, but everything doesn't talk money. Is it meaning of life by making money forever in our life? Is it called by happiness?
Well... it's gonna be sooooo exhausting to me. If I could, I wanted to live in a peaceful village and lived a farmer. Also, working in NGO is probably the most suitable for me I think.
Nonetheless, it's only my wild imagination. I am still in the system and always be capitalist slave for making money.

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